Designer is the ultimate software to visualise, design, and sequence projects wherever you are, from concept all the way through to showtime.

Bring your
ideas to life

Install and use Designer on your laptop as a powerful toolkit for winning pitches, developing storyboards, creating camera fly-throughs, validating content, testing technical setups, and designing entire shows.

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your thinking

See your project come to life with the advanced 3D stage simulator. Navigate through the set for a pixel-perfect view of your entire show. Whether you're reviewing it from a technical or creative perspective, add screens, lights and projectors, even down to their lenses. Once you're happy, render fly-through movies to share your masterpiece with the client.

Map your

Throw your content onto the stage from any angle with our advanced content mapping features. The disguise software knows the exact position of every pixel, so it can easily map content onto multiple screens of any shape and form – static or moving. Whether you’re working with LED or DMX-based screens, with the right type of mapping, your design will really come alive.


The big reveal

Take control of multiple media layers and sequence your entire show from your laptop. Whether you’re tweaking the design or syncing the visuals to the beat – it’s easy to mix and match layers. When it’s time to go live, our powerful configuration tool prepares the outputs so they look exactly as you imagined.

Active visualiser

Visualiser knows where every pixel is, and can use this knowledge to control the output. So you can map content easily onto complex surfaces in a fraction of the time.

Advanced projector toolkit

For projection mapping projects, create content and apply it directly to the 3D model of your projection surface.

Timeline Editing

Timeline lets you create cues, synchronise media and control layers, group layers, and quickly edit layer properties over time. Work either in HMSF for frame-by-frame accuracy, or add guide audio tracks so you can work in beats and bars for compelling, rhythmic edits.


Connect multiple editor laptops to let many operators work on the show in parallel, sharing edits in real time. Multi-Edit lets you handle largest workloads to the tightest of deadlines.

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Technical specifications

Software Features Design and Pre-visualise Build and save projects
Make visualiser movies to file
Make feed movie files
Make screen grab files
Transfer project to disguise system
MultiEdit in disguise Net
Playback Output video with watermark
Output DMX with watermark
Render unwatermarked feed movies to file
Media File Specifications Video Playback .mov (anim, pjpg, DXV, Hap, Hap Q)
Still Image Format .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .tga
Audio Playback .wav/.mp3 (44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo)
3D Mesh Format .obj
Minimum Hardware Specifications Operating System Minimum Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 64-bit
CPU Intel i5 2.3Ghz Quad Core or above
GPU 1GB Video RAM, DX11.1 compatible
Memory 2GB RAM