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disguise combines real-time 3D visualisation-based software with high performance and robust hardware enables the delivery of challenging creative projects at scale and with confidence.

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The disguise software comes loaded on all disguise hardware. The 'Designer' can also be used independently on your own PC or laptop to visualise, design, and sequence projects wherever you are.

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gx range

Power to respond

Add generative content to your live shows for a vivid palette of new colour, effects and styles. Integrate seamlessly with Notch to create interactive and video content in real-time.

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Gx Range Main Image V2

pro range

to scale

We created the pro range with one mission in mind: to play huge video content across massive canvases, in the toughest of live environments.

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plus range

Power for

Versatility and flexibility for all your theatrical and fixed installation shows.

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VFC-all cards angled.jpg

VFC cards

Power to adapt

Mix signal formats and resolution types in the same project, with guaranteed frame synchronisation and near-zero latency with our industry first VFC card technology.

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Power for projection

A camera-based projector calibration system, OmniCal quickly captures a point cloud of your stage, accurately calibrates projectors to sub-pixel accuracy, and conforms pre-existing surface meshes to match reality.

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